Lium is a french start-up specialized in wildfire detection and aerial video for rescue missions. It develops and sells transportable and easy-to-deploy tethered aerostats.

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Why Lium ?

Carbon capturer, oxygen generator, animal and vegetal biodiversity protector… the forest can be named with many ways, and its benefits for the earth’s life are multiple. However, forests are jeopardized by many threats. Among these, there is one that has been under the spotlights along the previous years : the wildfires.

Even if the European fires are for the moment smaller than the californians, they are still too much devastating and dangerous for the forests and also for the firefighters who fight them and the inhabitants who are forced to leave their homes becoming reduced to ashes. 

The country that hosts Lium currently, France, is one of the most concerned by the wildfires in Southern Europe.

And unfortunately, things are not going to get better. 

This is the reason why Lium exists.


According to Météo France (the french weather forecast agency), this is the growth rate of the french forest area that will be concerned by wildfire threats by 2040. 

What does Lium do ?

Lium’s goal is to offer an efficient solution to the firefighters to help them detect earlier the wildfires ignitions and to follow their progression before, during and after the intervention of the firefighters. 

To achieve this goal, we develop revolutionary tethered balloons that are able to be easily transported and quickly deployed by its users. Equipped with embedded cameras, our aerostats will be capable of providing a high-quality aerial video feedback during the interventions.


Thanks to their moderate size and their light weight, these aerostats could be easily transported aboard the current rescue trucks.


Usable for long-term surveillance and aerial video coverage.


As these tethered airships don’t require any engine to fly, the duration of the flights can be longer than 24h.

field of view

Depending on the altitude of the balloon and thanks to the high-performance embedded cameras, the users will be able to benefit from a very large field of view.

Thanks to these unique aerostats, the firefighters will be able to overwatch the high-risk forests for many days, and also to have a global view of the wildfire (when it has already begun to progress) in order to understand its behavior (speed, direction, etc…) and to control this progression earlier.

In the end, our solution enables to protect the forests’ life and also to preserve the life of the men and the women who fight against these devastating fires.

The founders



Guilain YVON


Our partners

La French Tech

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